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Clinical Operations Committee Agenda


March 21, 2013
9:30-11:00 a.m.
At the MHHA office


I.          Call to Order
II.            Introductions
III.            Approve Minutes
IV.            Agenda Additions
V.            Executive Director’s Report
VI.            Announcements/Reports:
            A. Regulatory Update
                        1. NGS
                        2. MDLARA
                        3. BCBSM
                        4. Regulatory/QI Committee
                        5. Education Committee
VII.     Sub-Committee/Task Force Reports:
            A. IV Therapy/Infection Prevention
            B. Psych Home Care
            C. Rehab Subcommittee
VIII.    New Business
XI.            Sharing Segment
            A. Survey Report
            B. Agenda Additions
X.            Adjournment
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