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Take full advantage of your membership and join a Michigan Home Care committee!

What you get…
  • Share your professional expertise with other industry professionals (you also gain expertise from others).
  • Gain additional expertise — learn more about a new area within the home care industry or gather new ideas.
  • Become more valuable to your current employer and more marketable to potential employers by gaining new skills.
  • Enhance your leadership abilities through consensus building and persuasion.
What you give…
  • Time:  Michigan Home Care committee involvement requires different time commitments depending on the committee. Some committees meet monthly, some quarterly, etc.
  • Expertise:  As the “voice of home care in Michigan”, Michigan Home Care needs your
  • expertise to make our “voice” clear and ultimately credible.
  • Resources:  As a not-for-profit trade association, Michigan Home Care depends on the volunteerism and contributions of our members.
  • Life:  Michigan Home Care’s volunteers provide knowledge and substance, giving the organization the vitality necessary to remain a leader in the industry.


Committee Membership

Membership in a designated service line allows you to attend those committees under that service line. For example, to attend the Reimbursement Committee meetings, your organization must hold a Certified/Hospice Service Line membership with Michigan Home Care.

To apply for membership in a Michigan Home Care Committee or Subcommittee please submit your name and contact information on the Michigan Home Care Committee Sign Up Page.


Have An Issue That You Want to Submit?

Michigan Home Care is here to serve and advocate for the members and the industry.  If you have or know of an issue in the Home Care industry that should be discussed, this is the place to submit it.  Members can bring issues, recommendations, interests and concerns to the attention of the Michigan Home Care Board of Directors.  The Board & Committees will consider all issues submitted.  Members can submit issues on the Submit An Issue page of this website.

Standing Committees

National Government Services

Reimbursement Committee

The Reimbursement Committee works with federal, state, and private third parties to improve contract agreements favorable to home health benefits and to work out favorable reimbursement policies. The Committee also analyzes reimbursement issues, develops or adopts appropriate tools, collects data for analysis and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for publication of analysis and action to be taken.

Reimbursement Overview

Reimbursement Agenda

Reimbursement Minutes

Reimbursement Minutes Archive

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee monitors the activities of the federal and state government, including proposing, opposing, and supporting legislation, which has potential impact on a wide array of home health services.


Public Policy Agenda

Public Policy Minutes

Public Policy Minutes Archive

Legislative Tracking Report

Clinical Operations Committee

The Clinical Operations Committee is responsible for determining and studying any area of concern relating to the definition and delivery of patient services, by all member organization categories and recommending to the Board of Directors appropriate action.


Clinical Operations Agenda

Clinical Operations Minutes

Clinical Operations Archives


The Clinical Operations Committee also has the following Subcommittees:


IV/Infection Control Subcommittee

IV/Infection Control Agenda

IV/Infection Control Minutes

IV/Infection Control Archives

Pandemic Flu Information

UTI Risk Factors and Strategies


Psych Subcommittee

Psych Agenda

Psych Minutes

Archived Psych Minutes

Competency Assessment

Depression Intervention Plan

Instructions for Use of the MHHA Depression Intervention Plan

Suggestions for Obtaining Assessment Data

Rehab Subcommittee

Rehab Agenda

Rehab Minutes

Archived Rehab Minutes

OT New Hire Competency Checklist

PT New Hire Competency Checklist

ST New Hire Competency Checklist


QI Subcommittee

QI Agenda

QI Minutes

QI Archived Minutes


Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee monitors the changes in the home health industry proposed or mandated by certifying or accrediting bodies.


Regulatory Agenda

Regulatory Minutes

Regulatory Archives

Regulatory Tools

Regulatory Accomplishments



The Research Committee will focus on the following objectives: enhance the perceived value of home care research; encourage utilization of research findings in home care; improve the research readiness of home care organizations; and facilitate collaboration between home care agencies and investigators.


Research Agenda

Research Minutes

Private Duty Committee

The Private Duty Committee meets monthly in an informal setting to network with colleagues and exchange experiences. Members present current problems to the group and learn new ideas about what has and what has not worked for others. The Private Duty Committee has developed Standards of Practice, has been involved in collecting financial and quality assurance data, and has hosted guest speakers for educational programs.


Private Duty Agenda

Private Duty Minutes

Private Duty Minutes Archive


Private Duty Reimbursement Subcommittee

Private Duty Reimbursement Committee Agenda


Home Medical Equipment

The HME Committee reviews Medicare after every Region B meeting in Indiana (Michigan Home Care has representatives at every meeting who then report back to the committee); reviews Blue Cross after every liaison meeting (Michigan Home Care has representatives at every meeting who report back to the committee); reviews and offer advice on audits, DOT, FDA, OSHA, and many other topics that as a group we can help solve based on our history. The Committee participates in legislative day at the state capital (Michigan Home Care Public Policy organizes visits to every senator and congressman to discuss our concerns); and, participate in our Annual Conference where national speakers present breakout sessions.


HME Agenda

HME Minutes

HME Minutes Archives

HME Tools


Complex Rehab Technology Subcommittee

CRT Agenda

CRT Minutes


Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee receives, responds to, and comments on issues regarding ethical conduct of individuals, organizations, and corporations that represent the home care industry.


Ethics Agenda

Ethics Minutes

Ethics Archived Minutes

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan Committee (BCBSM)

The BCBSM Committee serves as a liaison between MHHA members and representatives of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.


BCBSM Agenda

BCBS Minutes

BCBS Archived Minutes

Do you have questions for BCBSM?  Submit them Here!

Liaison Teams

Michigan Home Care also has several liaison teams that are advisory to external regulatory and funding bodies. The Board of Directors appoints the members of the liaison teams identified below. In some instances a single individual may represent Michigan Home Care by a governmental or private sector entity.


For a complete list of the liaison teams and their member contacts visit:  The Liaison Contact Page.

Long Term Care Commision

All information related to the Long Term Care Commission including Agendas and Minutes can be found at

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