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Public Policy Committee Minutes


10:05 AM October 5, 2012


  1. Call to Order and Introductions Attendees: Barry Cargill, Linda Rutman (chair), Brian Griffore, Carolyn Fleistra, Larry Treece, Beth Moore, Sandi Lewis
  1.  Review of Ground Rules, Appointment of Secretary– Linda Rutman will do minutes
  1.  Minutes Approval – Motion approved to accept September 7, 2012 Public Policy
 meeting minutes
  1. Additions/Changes to Agenda– Add CAN curriculum to Item #7 Education Committee
  1.  Executive Director’s Report – October 11th will be the Board’s all day Strategic
              Planning Meeting. Later this month Barry will be attending the NAHC annual meeting in
              Orlando, and AAHC’s MedTrade Meeting in Atlanta. MHHA will have a booth at
              Medtrade. State Licensure activity will be discussed under Item #9.
  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield PA350 – Legislation being considered to change BCBSM status from non-profit to a mutual status. Currently BCBSM must, under law, cover pre-existing conditions. As a result BCBSM has 55-70% of the state’s health insurance market. The issue has become more complex as the state did not opt to create its own exchange under the Affordable Care Act. Instead, the Governor has identified Priority Health as the benchmark for the state. The state Senate plans to address PA350 October 17th (the only legislative day before election adjournment. This will allow the issue to be addressed in the House during the lame duck session. Barry Cargill will send PA info to membership.
  1. Education Committee – Requests are being sent for exhibiters to the MHHA Annual Meeting for next year. The Accreditation workshop went well with 30 attendees. Abbey Green will be presenting a Workshop on Direct Costs, November 28th. December 11th Bob Fazzi will be holding an all day workshop on How to Position your Agency for the Affordable Care Act. At popular request, the Vendor Software session will be repeated in February 2013.
  1. Long Term Care – No report.
  1. Lobbying Report – No tracking report. Auto No Fault may be on lame duck agenda but not expected to be voted on.
·         Home Health Licensure meeting with NAPD representatives went well, areas at issue were resolved. Sandi Jones indicates that the draft will be going to Senators Jensen and Marlow with expectation that it will be addressed in the lame duck session following the elections.
·         State Elections have 110 house seats up for election
·         Barry Cargill will send the November state ballot issues brief from Muchmore, Harrington, and Smiley to members. MHHA has taken an official Opposing position on Proposal 4 as it would create unfair competition for membership.
  1.  Private Duty Issues- Governor has identified Priority Health as the benchmark for the state. Barry Cargill to follow-up with state department representative to try to determine basis of issue.
  1. Reimbursement Issues – No Report.
  1. Hospice Issues – No follow-up report yet on Hospice in-patient concerns raised at last meeting.
  1. Home Medical Equipment Issues– Barry Cargill and Brian Griffore discussed the status of the “Market Pricing Program”.
  1. CRT Recommendations – No report
  1.  Certified Home Health Issues- CNA/HHA Curriculum discussion led by Barry Cargill who informed committee that NAHC will be discontinuing its Aide Certification program effective October 15th with a possibility of extension of program through December, 2012. MHHA is a NAHC site for this program and many members use the program for certifying their aides. The change will result in a need to fill the NAHC void and assure that a state approved curriculum is available for members to access. Suggestions included seeking a state statute addressing the issue (other states have such a statue), MHHA playing a role in providing certification, seeking clinical operations committee input on the subject. Barry Cargill will approach MDLARA to discuss the issue as some CAN’s are already being rejected over having the proper proof of re-certification credentials.
  1.  Action List/Other Business/Adjournment- Meeting adjourned at 11:07 AM.
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