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All About Michigan Home Care

Mission Statement

Michigan Home Care is the unified voice, principal resource and advocate for the success of its member organizations as best practice providers of home health, hospice, private duty, home medical equipment and pharmacy-infusion services for the residents of Michigan.


Values Statement:

Michigan Home Care and its member organizations are committed to values demonstrated by:


Ethical Practice Respect Advocacy Education
Rights Responsibilities Service Networking
Patient Dignity Integrity       Excellence       New Innovations of Care
Communication And Collaboration Growth Teamwork!


Vision Statement:

The Michigan Home Care is committed to a vision which defines the organization to be:
  1. The most valued advocate and resource for in-home health care services
  2. The state trade association for all home health, hospice, private duty, home medical equipment and pharmacy-infusion providers in Michigan
  3. The recognized representative to government bodies and private sector organizations
  4. The state clearinghouse on developments in the home care industry
  5. The standard-bearer of provider values and conduct
  6. Viewed as a leader and model for all state home health associations.


Michigan Home Care holds memberships in the following organizations.
  1. National Association for Home Care (NAHC)
  2. American Association or Homecare (AAH)
  3. National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO)
  4. National Private Duty Association (NPDA)

Srategic Direction:

Utilizing current technology, the Michigan Home Care will embark on a strategic course to:
  1. Build an inclusive membership of all service line providers
  2. Maximize participation and the benefits of membership
  3. Be valued by members for industry leadership as the chief advocate and resource for home care
Michigan Home Care 2010-2013 Strategic Plan (click here)


Michigan Home Care Purpose Statement

Michigan Home Care is a non-profit, non-sectarian, voluntary, private organization incorporated for the following purposes:
  1. To provide an organized and unified voice for health care services in the home to legislators, payor sources, regulatory bodies, and the public.
  2. To promote commitment to continued quality improvement within the home care industry.
  3. To advocate for the role and reimbursement of home care services within the total health care delivery system.
  4. To gather and disseminate information regarding health care services in the home.
  5. To promote cooperation and communication among members and with existing organizations at local, state, and national levels.
  6. To initiate, sponsor and promote educational programs and research in home health care.

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Background Statement:

Established in 1981, Michigan Home Care is a state trade association representing more than 300 members from the home care industry.  Michigan Home Care is the primary provider of home health education in Michigan and supports and promotes cost savings projects and industry research. The association also promotes understanding, cooperation and communication among home health care providers and serves as a liaison with other organizations at local, state and national levels.

Michigan Home Care has been active in educating federal and state legislators and regulatory bodies on the merits of home care and how it can be used most efficiently. Home care is an important component of the health care continuum; and, as society ages and health care costs increase, home care will continue to offer cost effective alternatives to institutional care.

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