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Michigan Home Care Discount Program


New York Life’s Long Term Care Insurance Discount


The Michigan Home Health Association (MHHA) is pleased to announce that we have established a partner relationship with New York Life Insurance Co. to offer its long term care insurance program at an exclusive premium discount to the employees of our member organizations.


The partnership presents a win/win opportunity to MHHA and its members. We pass on an added-value benefit of membership so that you can pass on an added-value benefit of employment to the members of your team!


Working with New York Life Insurance Company, we have been successful in establishing a special 10% discount on long term care policy premiums—but only for MHHA member employers, their employees and families. This discount is offered in addition to the marital discount of 15%.  (The spouse does not have to secure coverage for the discount to apply.) Combined, the discounts represent significant premium savings.


This New York Life/MHHA partnership program is completely voluntary.


    • Michigan Home Care member organizations have no administrative burden whatsoever.
    • Premiums are not paid through payroll deduction. Employees who purchase a policy pay their own premiums directly to New York Life.
    • Each Michigan Home Care member will receive informational material from New York Life, along with the name of the New York Life Long Term Care specialist in your area. All you have to do is pass on the information to your employees. You, the employer, will decide how you would like the long term care policy information distributed to your employees.


If you have any questions or would like more info on this project please contact Albert W. Scace at:

Phone: (248)357-7251

Fax: (248)352-3713



IMPORTANT NOTE: We are pleased to have negotiated this price-competitive offer exclusively for our member agencies from one of America’s premiere insurance companies. However, MHHA’s representation of this New York Life Insurance Co. offer does not constitute or imply any endorsement or sponsorship of this particular product, service or company. As we understand in our home care industry, one size does not fit all. Potential long term care insurance buyers are encouraged to “comparative shop” and perform their own due diligence. The long term care insurance policies of other prestigious insurance companies should be examined to determine which is most appropriate to each family’s needs and preferences.

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